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Presentation of Corporate Reputation in Barcelona

Reputation & Reputational Risks

Presentation of Corporate Reputation in Barcelona

Madrid, October 2nd, 2013. Yesterday, at Gas Natural Fenosa in Barcelona it was presented Corporate Reputation. This is the last book of the series developed jointly by Corporate Excellence  - Centre for Reputation Leadership and LID Editorial. It is the second book published under this framework of collaboration. In this case, it is a manual on one of the most important non-financial assets for organizations, corporate reputation. The manual, the first one of the field published in Spanish, is a comprehensive overview of all research and scientific contributions made in reputation studies so far, analysed from three perspectives: financial, psychological and sociological, mirroring its three authors’ respective areas of interest: Ángel Alloza (psychologist), Enrique Carreras (sociologist) and Ana Carreras (economist).

Corporate Reputation is a comprehensive psychosocial analysis of corporate reputation, an overview of the concept’s historical development, and a contribution to solidifying the concept’s scientific character thanks to suggested measurement tools and management models.

At the event, where the three authors, and the journalist Carlos Salas, as moderator of the discussion, presented the new book; Jordi García Tabernero, Communication Director at Gas Natural Fenosa, and Jaume Giró, Deputy General Manager of Communication at CaixaBank were also at the event speaking on the importance of corporate reputation. Both of them shared with the audience that the power of reputation as one of the main assets for business growth. A proper and good corporate reputation management is translated into a better development of the company. 

Corporate Reputation is available in Spanish and English. It can be bought online at LID Editorial, and at any large bookstore. The first chapter of the book can be downloaded for free. Corporate Excellence Library was created two years ago with the purpose to help companies and professionals to create strong brands enjoying a strong reputation, abling them to compete in the global markets.