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Purpose Strength Model®

The need to measure the degree to which workers have internalized corporate purpose, the variables that accelerate or slow it down, as well as the impact that internalization has on the efficiency of a company has led Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership, Tecnun-School of Engineers of the University of Navarra, Chair Management by Missions and Corporate Purpose, Chair of Women and Leadership of IESE and DPMC to promote an R&D research project in this field of knowledge under the title «Measuring the Purpose Strength».

During the R&D project, 1,500 employees and 350 executives from 20 companies and from 4 different countries were surveyed, who have developed a management system focused on the purpose. The results of this research have allowed the creation of a measurement tool to evaluate, diagnose and enhance the generation of a shared purpose in organizations: Purpose Strength Model®.


The model in depth

The Purpose Strength Model® is based, on the one hand, on logic, to generate organizations focused on purpose, and, on the other hand, on measurement, to be able to improve them. Building from these two bases, the model offers an assessment and a full diagnostic report that identifies the strength of the corporate purpose , that is, to what extent the organization’s purpose is shared and internalized by its stakeholders.

This data will allow you to start a process of transformation towards an organization with a deep and truly shared purpose. To achieve this, the aspects analyzed in the Purpose Strength Model® are as follows: