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Relevance of Communication for Corporate Reputation


Relevance of Communication for Corporate Reputation

Madrid, 29 September, 2014.The World Public Relations Forum, a major event in the field of communication and public relations was held in Madrid on September 21 – 23, and allowed its participants to share important ideas related to the management of intangible assets.

The first working day of the Forum brought together top academics representing universities from all around the world. They presented some recent and relevant trends in academic research: focus on shared values, sincerity of corporate narrative, true and effective leadership of professionals, common standards, professional ethical codes, best practices, contextual variables are just a few of the subjects referred to in the scholars’ papers and presentations. Speakers emphasized the opportunities that management of intangible assets presents to professionals, and pointed out that democratization of knowledge is one of the greatest benefits that communications professionals enjoy in the current context.

The second and third days of the Forum were dedicated to corporate communication and public relations. Professionals from different industries got together to find out about best practices and trends, and to learn from top experts, who revealed the trends observed in major companies and their communications and public relations departments. 

Speakers of the day included José María Velasco, Chairman of Dircom, Anne Gregory, Chair of Global Alliance, Daniel Tisch, CEO of Argyle Communications and former Chair of Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. All of them agreed that companies should be aware of the need to adopt new approaches to communication and public relations. The mission of communications managers is to define the company’s vision and to carry out reorganization of stakeholders. Any professional working in the field of communication and public relations should be able to read the new social context and to be aware of the new rules.

The second day made a special emphasis on corporate reputation. Ángel Alloza, CEO of Corporate Excellence, Luis Gallardo, Chairman for Brand Marketing EMEA and José Manuel Lancha, Partner and Board Member at Villafañe & Asociados Consultores, took part in a round table discussion, where they made it clear that reputation should be considered key to a company’s overall strategy. Ángel Alloza said that in the economy of intangibles only well-reputed companies are able to achieve differentiation and compete in global markets and with international brands, thus ensuring their continuity in the long run. 

The World Public Relations Forum highlighted great ideas and showed interesting trends of communications management’s further development. Global Alliancesummed up these principles and published them on their website:

>Public relations and communication management must aspire to a social purpose, serve social cohesion, and aim to bring communities together.

>Public relations and communication management can enable social integration by listening, identifying agendas, and creating shared narratives and safe places for dialogue around the social challenges of each society.

>Public relations and communication professionals must take responsibility for identifying how they can serve their own societies. 

>By realizing the power of communication, each public relations and communication professional can be a leader. True leadership achieves personal, organizational and societal transformation.

>By reflecting on transformational leadership moments, our profession can learn to serve our organizations better, and by doing that, serve society better.

The next Forum will be held in Nairobi, Kenia, in November 2015. 

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