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Reputation & Reputational Risks

Insights September 2011

Relevant information for reputation: alerts maps and stakeholders

Reputational intelligence makes its own space within reputation management. The information which reflects the opinion which the stakeholders have about a company is relevant for its managers but, which factors have made reputation count and make its monitoring and permanent analysis more important?

The constant increase of corporate risks, the progressive democratization of many societies and countries of the second and Third World (as we are experiencing in many of the Muslim countries in North Africa), activisim and the antiglobalization movements (which are behind many of the crises suffered by great international brands in recent years), the new economy of abundance and attention, the sensationalism and intrusion of the media (facilitated by the fragmentation of the audience aand the search for a better sharing of the advertising cake or pie), the erosion in gobal confidence, the progress in technology and Internet, or Corporate Responsibility are some of the social, economic and technological changes which in previous years have raised reputation to the podium of the principal concerns for company directors. 

Document preapred for Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership quoting, among other sources, the intervention of Alberto Lopez Valenzuela (CEO and founder of Alva Group) and of Pascual Montanes (professor at IE Business School) during the sessions of the Corporate Reputation Program organized by the fRC and IE Business School in Madrid in February 2011.