#ReputationDay. Advances in reputation management - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Reputation & Reputational Risks

Insights October 2015

#ReputationDay. Advances in reputation management

Corporate reputation not only must create value but also act as a protective shield against crisis. To understand how corporate reputation influences the business outcomes, companies need to promote positive attitudes towards the brand and mitigate potential risks.

Many companies begin to understand that their reputation is one of the major resources to generate and protect their value. The first meeting of Reputation Day has concluded with a clear point: unique companies lead by reputation; this is, by the recognition their stakeholders give to them.

This document was developed by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and among other sources, contains references to the presentations of Toni Ballabriga, Global Head Responsible Business at BBVA; Fernando Prado, Managing Partner at Reputation Institute; Carmen Dato, Director at Reputation Institute; Manuel Reinerio, Head of Communication and External Relationships and RSC at Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta (CAPSA); Cees van Riel, Vice Chairman of Reputation Institute; and Nicolas Trad, Executive Partner of Reputation Institute, during the meeting Reputation Day organized by Reputation Institute and held on 30 June 2015 in Madrid.