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Spain has a great opportunity to promote management of intangibles

Public Affairs

Spain has a great opportunity to promote management of intangibles

“Reputation and brand are key to differentiate our products and services, and to lay the foundation for a new model of competitive advantage which generates sustained value”, says Ángel Alloza, CEO of Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership.

Reputation is key for recovering the trust and creating value for companies, institutions as well as the whole country, its regions and cities. For Alloza, “reputation is not a black box. It consists of 7 dimensions that need to be carefully managed: products and services; transparency, good corporate governance and ethics; social responsibility and sustainability; the quality of products and services; innovation; workplace; and financial results”.

The CEO of Corporate Excellence goes on to explain that reputation, when understood like this, “generates value and competitive advantage, draws customers, talent, investments and leads to alliances with the best economic, political and social actors”. Alloza stresses the role of the brand as a strategic asset, which comes into play during international expansion of Spanish companies.

Members of Corporate Excellence strongly believe that “a good reputation of companies and public institutions eventually leads to reinforcement of Spain’s reputation in general”.

These statements were made during the panel titled Representation of Business Interests and Management of Public Affairs, held today at the University Pontificia de Comillas jointly with Mas Consulting. Management of public affairs is one of the activities covered by Corporate Excellence. The organisation is convinced that today more than ever it is important for companies of the public sector to be aware of the benefits achieved through cooperation between public and private institutions. Corporate Excellence signed a cooperation agreement with the University Pontificia de Comillas, Aula de Liderazgo project and Mas Consulting to institute a Postgraduate Course on Management of Public Affairs.