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Insights February 2013

Storytelling or The Art to Tell Brand Stories

We live in a new attention economy, where time, as never before, is gold and information saturation has become highly intense. Communications should be aimed towards the personal, emotional and relational aspects. How? Storytelling –either commercial, personal, business or territorial. It gives credibility to the brand and reinforces its social aspect.

The current crisis generates brand scepticism, trust lack and reputation loss, on the contrary, storytelling contributes to credibility generation –since personal aspects are a major trust source.  Storytelling contributes to optimism, –since it develops the more ludic aspect in humans– and offers a context that makes sense, organizes dispersed information and overcomes audience fragmentation. 

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and contains references, among other sources, to the work of Antonio Nuñez, communications consultant, “Storytelling en una semana” and the statements made by Teresa Perales, Paralympic winner swimmer, during the “I Jornadas de Innovación y Comunicación: Arriesgar y Perseverar” organized by the Communications and Brand Innovation Laboratory at the BBVA, in Madrid, 2012.