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The End of a Challenging Year

22 of diciembre of 2020

We are almost reaching the end of this complex year, today we want to share with you a reflection from our CEO, Ángel Alloza. We hope that like us, you also find it inspiring.

“2020 has undoubtedly been an uncertain and turbulent year, as the experts well describe when talking about the VUCA and TUNA environments. The health, economic and social crisis that we are witnessing has put into test our capacity for resilience, adaptation to change and constant learning. Faced with a context as adverse as the one that the current pandemic has presented us with, we have managed to concentrate all our efforts on being part of the solution. We started the year with a letter from Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, calling for a more conscious capitalism, to entrepreneurs and investors, and COVID-19 has made us rethink our role in the world and has allowed us to re-discover that we must lead based on to our purpose and promote together a new model committed to shared value.

This is the great learning for the corporate world, and on which we have been progressing collaboratively in all these months: the importance of reciprocity and the generation of value in the long term and in a balanced way for all stakeholders. Companies with a future are those that adopt this perspective and will be the most resilient to the challenges of a world that demands an active role and business leadership.

At Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership we have faced the challenges of this 2020 with enthusiasm and energy. We have launched the 5th edition of our report Approaching The Future. Trends in Reputation and Management of Intangibles, which we elaborate every year together with Canvas Strategias Sostenibles, and where we collect the trends that mark the present and future of companies in terms of reputation, brand, sustainability, ethics and transparency. And what have we observed? Many of the trends that we have been identifying have accelerated and become a reality in the new COVID-19 world.

During this time we have read, analyzed and identified valuable insights to help companies understand the context, expectations and judgments of stakeholders. We have conducted reports and shared strategic analysis to help executives manage reputational and business strategy risks and opportunities, and we have helped them make decisions aligned with their purpose and with the expectations of society, leveraging on their competitive strengths.

At the same time, we have intensified the delivery of specialized content with our Trends & Reputation, Stories of Tomorrow, webinar series. And we have released the new Approaching The Future 2020 series, to accompany and facilitate good business management. These webinars have shared experiences and best practices, have built effective dialogues with experts, have allowed the generation of knowledge and shared learning about reputation, leadership, brand, purpose, communication and sustainability and, specifically, about the changes and transformations caused by the crisis of COVID-19. All this, thanks to our magnificent network of allies, consultants, academics and experts.

Another example of collaborative co-creation in 2020 has been the successful development of the “Purpose Strength Model®” model for measuring purpose in employees, together with Tecnun-Escuela de Ingenieros, the Purpose Chair of the UIC, IESE and DMPC; and the launch of The Corporate Purpose Roadmap® methodology, a new tool for defining, implementing and activating the corporate purpose developed with Superunion. Also the 4th Conference on Innovation in Metrics, where we have presented 25 models of measurement and management of intangibles (10 of them being co-created with Corporate Excellence), together with a panel of 37 national and international speakers and 11 sponsors. Together we have shown that we can respond to the urgent need for non-financial indicators that complement the dashboards to purely financial indicators that allow better decisions and remuneration policies aligned with the corporate purpose.

We are convinced that the only way to advance and create value is by working in a collaborative ecosystem like ours that encourages innovation, research and extracts the best of collective intelligence. And all this is possible thanks to our employers, collaborating companies, scientific committees and the network of innovation and knowledge that we have woven in these years. So, I can only thank you for your contribution and for sharing knowledge and experiences in an open and enormously generous way.

Finally, I want to take advantage of this space to thank my team for all their effort, professionalism and passion. Our great secret is the shared dream that makes us get up every morning with the clear purpose of helping to improve the way we do business. We dream of organizations that focus on the generation and balanced distribution of value in the long term with all their stakeholders. We dream of the professionalization and recognition of the manager of intangibles as an essential contribution to the construction of solid and resilient companies that lead based on their purpose and thanks to their good reputation. For this reason, I am proud to know that, this year, our flagship training program The Global CCO: strategic management of reputation, brand and communication that we carry out together with ESADE, has completed 8 editions. This year, more digital and more global than ever, a living legacy for the entire profession.

Change and uncertainty have been talked about on many occasions, but until the arrival of COVID-19 in our lives we were not really aware of all its implications. 2020 has been a year of constant learning and it is clear that the future will require us even more flexibility in the way we think, create, plan, do and act.

On behalf of my entire team, I want to wish you all the best in this time of the year. We are convinced that 2021 will be a key year to put into practice all the learnings of this intense 2020, improving little by little and getting one step closer to the excellence to which we all aspire. From Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership, we will walk with you on this great shared roadmap.”

Thank you for being a part of this journey. All my gratitude and best wishes for next year.

Ángel Alloza. CEO Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership