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WARC February 2013


This Digital Life

We are entering a new era – an age in which technology has become so thoroughly integrated into our lives that it ceases to offer meaning beyond its utilitarian functions. We continue to embrace our gizmos and gadgets – and grow ever more dependent on them – but our aspirations are focused elsewhere. After decades of dizzying change, we are aching to stand still for a moment, to catch our collective breath and think deeply about this new world in which we live and whether we are headed toward a future we actually wish to inhabit. Many of us hope to identify just the right blend of modernity and tradition, so that we are able to keep moving forward without sacrificing all connection to the past. We want all the fun and ease that digital technology offers, but are also seeking a return to beliefs and behaviors that centered us in simpler times.

Oftentimes when analysts talk about consumers scaling back, they all but roll their eyes and say our "shop till you drop" culture is too deeply ingrained for people to voluntarily reduce their consumption over the long term. What some fail to grasp is that, for many people, cutting back isn't about sacrifice or having less; it's about being happier and having more – more time, more freedom, more space, more financial security. More than two-thirds of mainstream consumers in the 19 markets – and threequarters of Prosumers – say they feel good about reducing the amount of waste they create. Similar numbers say making environmentally friendly choices makes them feel good and believe most of us would be better off if we lived more simply. Smart companies will pay attention to these trends and find new and engaging ways to give consumers products they feel good about.