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What makes a CCO Excellent?

Reputation & Reputational Risks

What makes a CCO Excellent?

Medellin, Colombia, October 29, 2013. Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership presented the main findings of the study “What makes a CCO Excellent?” (El Chief Communications Officer del futuro in Spanish) at the 2ndInternational Conference on Reputation in Latino America that is being celebrated in Medellin. It is a research study carried out by Cees van Riel, Professor of Corporate Communication at the Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University along with Corporate Excellence  - Centre for Reputation Leadership. 

The study was carried out between June 2011 and December 2012. In depth interviews and surveys were made to 117 Communication Directors of large enterprises in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico and Chile. The findings were presented internationally in January and they are now published in Spanish for Latin America and Spain. The Conference is becoming a reference event for every professional and professor in America interested in Corporate Reputation.

The study shows that intangible assets management is more and more relevant for corporate strategies in large organizations. According to the results, 40% of Chief Communication Offices is part of the Steering Committees. CCO are becoming the managers of key intangible assets such as corporate reputation, brand, communication, and public affairs; they are becoming increasingly important among key stakeholders (not only for media) but also for customer, employees and shareholders relationships; they also play a role with organizational industries, politicians and social matters. In order to be able to play all these roles within the organization, future CCO should develop communication skills, as well as skills related to corporate brand and reputation, business skills, stakeholders integration, sales support and social awareness skills. 

The 2nd Edition of the Latin-American Conference, held by Goodwill Comunicaciones and Reputation Institute, brings to participants some of the latest knowledge on corporate reputation. This year as part of the Reputation Journey; it is also remarkable all the speeches on the analysis of corporate changes that organizations should do to fully integrate reputation in the strategy decision making process. Along with the Chief Communication Officer study, Corporate Excellence  - Centre for Reputation Leadership has presented the Latin-American edition of its last book, “Corporate Reputation”, prologue by Charles Fombrun and Joan Costa.