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Insights July 2015

A New Corporate Communication: Influence, Character and Purpose

Traditional communication is giving way to innovative approaches and tools that are shaping a new kind of communication focused on people, which it views as stakeholders rather than public in general.

Communication structures in organizations shift their focus from talking and discussing to listening and learning. Thus communication is transforming into a dialogue, leaving behind the times when it was considered a one-way process and a monologue. 

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and among other sources, contains references to the statements made by Daniel Tisch, Global Alliance’s President for Public Relations and Communication Management; Janet Voûte, Nestlé’s Global Director for Public Affairs; Gonzalo Brujó, Interbrand’s CEO for Spain and Latin America; and Jordi Alavedra, Vice President of Bassat Ogilvy Spain, during the 17th International Conference on Corporate Reputation, Identity and Brand: The Reputation Journey, organized by Reputation Institute on June 5-7, 2013 in Barcelona.