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#Reputation & Reputational Risks Conference

All about Approaching The Future 2023: trends in reputation and intangible asset report

July 2023
May 2023
Results preview teaser - Approaching The Future 2023
May 2023
International trend launch. Approaching The Future 2023
About the Conference

Approaching the Future 2023. Trends in Reputation and Intangible Asset Management is the eighth edition of this annual report, created by Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership in collaboration with CANVAS Sustainable Strategies and worldwide partner Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. This report aims to deepen business practices and drive innovation in reputation and intangible asset management. 

This study was developed using a methodology that combines qualitative and quantitative techniques to explore the key trends that are driving the corporate agenda.

Professionals agree that the most relevant trends are related to the raison d’être of organisations and corporate values. This result reflects an increased awareness of the strategic role of companies as social, responsible, and transformative agents in the environments in which they operate. Approaching the Future 2023 presents 10 major trends that are shaping the business agenda, offering a cross-cutting and interconnected view of all analysed trends:

  • Sustainability and ESG integrated into business models
  • Responsible leadership for social cohesion 
  • Corporate reputation: a strategic priority 
  • Corporate communication in the face of new challenges
  • Technology as a transformative lever for organisations
  • Corporate purpose at the heart of business strategy
  • The era of hybrid and flexible work
  • The role of the corporate brand in contexts marked by uncertainty and constant change
  • Corporate governance and the role of the board of directors in ESG management
  • Last call to respond to the climate emergency

Executive summary, video launch and top learning points are available under free access. Full report required a Reputation Knowledge Centre+ access.

Impact and effects of these trends will be presented at WPRF 2023 in Chennai.

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> Here you can find all the materials of the report in both Spanish and English: