Reputation & Reputational Risk

Studies & Reports May 2020

Approaching the Future 2020: Trends in Reputation and Intangible Asset Management

Approaching the Future celebrates 5 years of extended study of the context and monitoring the pulse and vision of professionals and citizens to know the trends that mark the present and future of business management.

This edition, prepared by Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership together with Canvas Estrategias Sostenibles, collects 14 emerging trends in terms of global trends, reputation, brand, sustainability, ethics and transparency.

The report is made from the analysis of secondary sources, social prospective studies, consultation with managers and professionals, qualitative dynamics with experts and artificial intelligence tools that allow analyzing conversations in the digital ecosystem.

In this edition, 300 professionals give us their opinion on the most relevant trends that impact the business landscape.

The study and analysis throughout these years of the trends in reputation and management of intangibles determines that a normality characterized by constant change and uncertainty has definitely been established. Issues ranging from the climate emergency to the health crisis generated by COVID-19 show that the present and the future are increasingly uncertain.