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Best practice cases March 2015

Best examples of reputation management: international experience

Creation of new corporate brands, integration of media analysis into the reputation management process, adjustment of reputation strategies to the new reality driven by digital technologies – these are just a few of the current trends that determine intangibles management globally.

Three trends are on the reputation agenda today: strategy, the Internet and measurement. They are equally important and highlight the three goals that the reputation science is still trying to hit: reputation’s close ties with business results, projection of reputation into social networks, recommendations and direct experience, the need to demonstrate the value of reputation and the urge to measure it using the standards adopted by all professionals and companies around the world.

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, and among other sources contains references to the statements made by Ignasi Fainé, Agbar’s Director for Communication and Corporate Responsibility, Eduardo Cicuéndez and Jesús Javier Sánchez, responsible for the Social Media and E-Commerce respectively at Correos, Joaquín de Ena, Global Director for Sustainability at Santander Bank and Steffen Hermann, Senior Consultant at TNS Germany, made during the 17th International Conference on Corporate Reputation, Identity and Brand Competitiveness: The Reputation Journey held by Reputation Institute in Barcelona on June 5 – 7, 2013.