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Insights March 2015

Brand Journalism: a Value-generating Technique

The processes of brand creation, development and positioning have changed a lot due to the changes in the environment. At the same time, the public and stakeholders grow increasingly diverse, active and omnipresent. This multifaceted reality gave rise to multiple channels that people use to access information and interact. In this context, the most important challenge is to find the right meeting point between the brand and the stakeholder. 

Multichannel and multistakeholder have turned into buzz words because among other benefits they urge companies to know more about their stakeholders and break them down into groups by information channels that they use. This allows companies to adjust their messages to each group and create a unique dialogue with each group. In the search for improved communication with their stakeholders, organizations sooner or later realize that the most efficient and optimal way of transmitting messages is the new approach that came to be known as “brand journalism”. If this technique is implemented, it enables the company to maintain dialogue with different stakeholders.

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and among other sources contains references to the presentations of Mario Tascón, Founding Partner of Prodigioso Volcán and Iván Pino, Communications Director of Llorente&Cuenca, made during the BEO 2014 workshop held in the office of Corporate Excellence in February 2014.