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CE4reputation Alumni Network Started


CE4reputation Alumni Network Started

The Alumni.CE4reputation project was launched on Monday, October 8. Alumni.CE4reputation is a professional network for alumni of the training programs driven by Corporate Excellence and previously by the Corporate Reputation Forum and the Institute for the Analysis of Intangibles.

This network has been created to take advantage of the professional opportunities offered by the new economy of intangibles and to support professionals who were trained by us through networking and shared knowledge. So far, more than 100 professionals in the field have attended our programs, Corporate Excellence has a long experience in teaching and more important, it has a consolidated space where this network is perfectly developed.

Corporate Excellence have driven the following training programs; Executive Program in Management and Analysis of Intangibles along with the Spanish School of Industrial Organization (EOI), Reputational Risks Program driven together with the IE Business School, and The Global CCO Program developed with ESADE Business School in collaboration with Georgetown University and Columbia University, of which the first edition has already started.

At the opening ceremony it was announced that in January 2013, every member of the network will have access to a private community where they will be able to contact other professionals of the field and will have access to more than 500 documents about intangible management. In this way, Corporate Excellence becomes the best scenario to continue the course started about brand training, corporate reputation and intangibles.

The event was held at the EOI centre. We were lucky to be part of the first activity of the network: a conference on "how to overcome the gap between R & D and market" by Eusebi Nomen, one of the professors for the Executive Program in Management and Analysis of Intangibles, which this year celebrates its 5th edition and will begin on October 26.

Find more information on our blog.

Here the contents of the Alumni Project launch.