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Communications Director in Latin-America


Communications Director in Latin-America

Madrid, May 6, 2013. Communications Directors are becoming a key figure within organizations and society in Latin-America, their rise and development has been very different from Spain and Europe though. Last week, Joan Costa, communications expert and guru, and member of the Advisory Board of Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, was with us to explain how has evolved and rised the Communications Director role from the 80s in Spain and from the first years of the 21st century in Latin-America. According to the expert in communication, this role is at its peak in Latin-America.

In 2001, it was funded the “Círculo de Dircoms de Argentina” (Director of Communications Argentinean Association) in Buenos Aires, it was funded following the Spanish model and several initiatives and programs have been carried out focusing on Communications Directors activities. Furthermore, in 2004 it was created the Latin-American Communications Director network, bringing together 15 Spanish and Portuguese Speakers countries on the role of Communications Director. This does not exist in Spain nor Europe. Moreover, since 2008 there is a Master Program for training future Communications Managers and Directors. Every Latin-American country but Venezuela and Brazil –although Brazil will join the network soon- is connected somehow to the Master Program that is led by Joan Costa in America.

Joan Costa also talked about the needed skills for Communications Director. He stressed that Communications Directors have to become the internal strategic consultant for the C-Suite, he should be the reputation guard and a key figure when making decisions. Joan Costa also emphasized that public institutions and governments are very interested in topics related to Communications Director and how several successful cases have been based on the Dircom model.