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Communications in the Age of Engagement: the Public Engagement


Communications in the Age of Engagement: the Public Engagement

Robert Phillips, Edelman EMEA President and CEO, was the speaker of the workshop “Communications in the Age of Engagement” held by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership. The goal of the meeting was to analyse every aspect related to the social changes and trust; examine the new behaviours that companies should adapt in order to successfully compete in the Age of Engagement, and reflect on how companies shall create new tools to prosper in this new world.

After analysing results and conclusions of the Edelman Trust Barometer 2012, Phillips confirmed that our current communication is more about what we do than what we tell, therefore it should be more open, honest and frequent than ever before, evolving from traditional Public Relations to Public Engagement. This is explained in depth in this video: Public Engagement

According to Robert Phillips, “increasing levels of peer-to-peer trust, the rise of citizen networks, as well as the evidence of the increasing trust in traditional hierarchies, are the facts that prove there are tensions and polarities in our society. However, from this base, we can create an energy and impulse to recover trust, revaluate values and change old practices in communications to the ones of the Age of Engagement. The engineer of this change is perhaps the most important challenge that communications professionals are currently facing”.

“The Age of Engagement demands a new approach of the operating models, as well as an approach based in social values where “doing what is right” can last. However, the change will bring inevitable challenges –a social world organized in networks cannot move into a redundant and operative structure-. The evident conflicts between the political structure and the economical resolution, as an evidence of the financial crisis in Europe, require a review of how we cooperate and which should be our motivations” added the President and CEO of Edelman in Europe, who concluded: “Companies have to put into practice an authentic transparency and they should show real responsibility. Operating models that are flexible enough should be implemented in order to adapt to the different speeds and technological changes”. If you want to read more about our workshop, please visit our corporative blog.