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#Brand Webinar

Consumer & Company Brands - Terry Tyrrell

October 2013
September 2013
Terry Tyrrell (Brand Union) explain to us the key points of a Corporative Brand
About the Webinar

When we talk about brands, we traditionally classify them into two broad territories – consumer brands and corporate brands.

By Consumer Brands we mean the products and services that drive consumer preference, loyalty and value. By contrast, Corporate Brands are the often invisible corporations whose primary aim is to drive shareholder value and whose stakeholders are first and foremost, investors, bankers, suppliers, regulators and increasingly nowadays, NGOs.

But there is a third rapidly growing brand territory emerging that I call the Company Brand. These are organisations that are beginning to fill the space between consumer brands and corporate brands. These are those enlightened companies who have recognised that increasingly informed and opinionated consumers are demanding to know more about the company behind the brand. Ethics, authenticity and transparency are now the new buzz words of branding.

Terry reveals the keys to success in building bridges between your company, what it stands for and how it relates to the products and services it owns. This will include the importance of brand positioning, the role that brand architecture can play and most importantly how a focus on building the Company Brand can accelerate growth from local to global.