Corporate Purpose: business vision and future challenges - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Videos VideosNovember 2021

Purpose & Culture

Corporate Purpose: business vision and future challenges

Dialogue table on Corporate Purpose held within the framework of the 2021 Annual Conference of Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership, an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary as a foundation, and more than 20 years of history professionalizing the intangible management.

The discussion was moderated by Luis Gómez, Chairman Senior Advisory at IBERDROLA, and spoke with:

  • María Campo Bernal, Director of Brand, Reputation, and Sustainability, IBERCAJA
  • Miguel García Lamigueiro, Deputy director general of communication and responsible business DKV SEGUROS
  • Maria Luisa de La Peña Garcia-Franco, Head of Corporate Marketing and Brand, NATURGY

Check more about the full conference at this link.