Reputación & Riesgo Reputacional

Insights estratégicos January 2012

Corporate reputation, an increasingly important factor in making a purchasing decision

Two out of three consumers decide to avoid a commercial brand if they don’t trust the activities of the company behind this brand: according to the research held by Weber Shandwick, 70% of the respondents said that their purchasing decision depends not only on the characteristics of the product, but also on the reputation. 

The reputation of a company is more important than ever: not only it lures capital and talent or protects in the times of crisis, but also creates an essential trust credit that can be used by a company for marketing its products. This opinion is shared by consumers and managers of companies in the consumer goods sector on the international level, and is based on the reputation of the corporate brand which then drives commercial brands of the products and services offered by companies.

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence and contains references, among other sources, to the study The Company Behind the Brand: in Reputation We Trust, carried out by the international communication and public relations fi rmWeber Shandwick in November 2011.