Executives of large IBEX 35 companies analyze the present and future in the management of intangibles - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Executives of large IBEX 35 companies analyze the present and future in the management of intangibles


Executives of large IBEX 35 companies analyze the present and future in the management of intangibles

  • Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership brings together more than 500 executives and professionals at its Annual Conference to celebrate its 10th anniversary and to value these assets as levers of competitiveness and growth.

  • The entity underlines the existence of a need for training to learn how to properly manage intangibles and for those responsible to participate in the strategic decision-making process of the company.

  • Integrating intangibles in the remuneration of managers and replacing short-term pressure with a vision of long-term value generation, among the main challenges to advance in the management of intangibles.


Madrid, November 25, 2021. The interest of organizations in the management of reputation and other intangible assets (communication, brand, purpose, talent and sustainability) has increased significantly in recent years. Today, around 50% of the business value of listed companies resides in their intangibles, reaching 85% in sectors such as technology or entertainment, according to the Global Intangible Financial Tracker. The investment made in this type of assets in the last quarter of a century has grown by 29%, but according to Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadershipthere is still a real need to learn to properly manage these values, which have a great impact on economic growth and productivity.

This business platform, think tank for innovation, knowledge and training in intangible management (heir to the Corporate Reputation Forum and promoted by large companies that represent 47% of the IBEX 35 by market capitalization), held today in the Auditorium of Fundación Telefónica in Madrid its Annual Conference. The event coincides with its tenth anniversary. 23 large companies have gathered, 25 executives have participated in the dialogue tables sharing their progress in intangibles, and more than 500 professionals have followed their interventions, which has analyzed the present and future in managing purpose, brand, reputation, communication, culture, public affairs and sustainability as the cornerstone of responsible business.

During the opening ceremony, Eduardo Navarro, President of Corporate Excellence and Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Telefónica, stressed that “the speed of changes and transformations drives the growth of the value of intangibles, which have entered strongly into the steering committees and the boards of directors ”.

However, there are great challenges for the urgent task of advancing in the management of intangibles, such as the integration of these indicators in the remuneration and compensation of managers and employees; the replacement of short-term pressure by a long-term value generation strategy; and the commitment to a more agile and cross-cutting organizational structure and model, without watertight compartments, which enables the full value of intangibles to be activated.

Training, the top priority

Training in intangibles management has been a recurring theme during the meeting, given the great need for organizations to have professionals who have the appropriate knowledge, tools, capabilities and skills to successfully perform their role and promote business excellence. For this, it is necessary to incorporate the expectations of the interest groups into the relevant decision-making, and this exercise of permanent active listening, which must be transversal in all areas of the company, facilitates the transformation that leads to business excellence. .

In this sense, María Luisa Martínez Gistau, Vice President of Corporate Excellence and Director of Communication and Institutional Relations at CaixaBank, explained that “those responsible for these issues in organizations need to know how to read the context and understand the evolution of social expectations and demands to help top management understand what the true social heartbeat is. And abroad, he must clearly convey corporate purpose and values ​​in an environment of growing mistrust and uncertainty. In this sense, his figure has an increasingly strategic role for organizations ”.

For his part, Ángel Alloza, CEO of the organization, has assured that “this concept of stakeholder capitalism, promoted by the World Economic Forum, means that the time in which accounts were only rendered to shareholders has been left behind, and that we assist to the consolidation of a new business model that tries to generate balanced value for all its stakeholders, employees, clients, citizens, suppliers, regulators, and shareholders up to the planet itself”.

Measurement: making the intangible tangible

Measurement has been a fundamental pillar for this business platform, since having solid indicators allows senior management to present quantitative and qualitative arguments that support decisions regarding communication, brand and reputation - essential assets to achieve differentiation and social license for operate in an increasingly complex and competitive global market. For this reason, the motto of the Annual Conference has been 'Making the intangible tangible', in reference to that work carried out during these ten years, in which Corporate Excellence has developed management tools and metrics and indicators that are of great value for the sustainable future of organizations.

Corporate Excellence has forged over the years a solid ecosystem of alliances between specialized consultants, universities and business schools, as well as professional associations, in which more than 130 organizations currently participate. Its international presence has experienced significant growth throughout the world and especially in Latin American countries. Today, the foundation's activity reaches 52 countries and more than 300,000 professionals around the world benefit from its knowledge, innovation and training. In this year 2021, large companies such as IKEACorporación Multi Inversiones, and Repsol, have joined our shared project, whose incorporation was announced during the Annual Conference.


About Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership


Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership is an accelerator of innovation, knowledge and training in reputation, brand, communication, public affairs, sustainability and other intangibles. It is a collaborative ecosystem in which large companies participate, as well as a wide network of professionals, academic institutions and consulting firms. It was born in 2011, from the integration of the Corporate Reputation Forum and the Institute for the Analysis of Intangibles. It is currently made up of large companies that represent 47% of the IBEX 35 by market capitalization, such as BBVACaixabankIberdrolaNaturgySantander, and Telefónica, as trustees; AbertisAgbarBankinterCemexCepsaDammDKV Seguros MédicosEl Corte InglésGestampIbercajaIkeaLeroy MerlinMAPFREQuirón SaludRed Eléctrica EspañolaRepsol, and Banco Sabadell as associated companies; CMI Corporación Multi Inversiones as a supporter company; andLIFT ConsultingOn Strategy and RepTrak as supporter consultants.




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