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Reputation & Reputational Risks

Best practice cases February 2014

FedEx: Trust as a Value and a Bridge Connecting People

Projecting corporate culture from within outwards lies at the heart of reputation management and Federal Express (FedEx).

FedEx is the largest U.S. company working in the area of package and freight transportation. It has a global reach, ensured by almost 300 airplaines and 300,000 employees, who represent the brand's spirit in the USA and more than 200 other countries, generating an annual revenue of USD 36 bn.

In terms of corporate governance, FedEx defines itself as a company aiming to deliver a full range of transportation, e-commerce and management solutions to individual clients and businesses all around the world. The company, led by CEO Frederick W. Smith and his executive team, acknowledges the importance of reputation management for generating value in the long run. However, this idea was not present in the beginning of the Company’s operations. Instead, it developed as the result of the Company’s ongoing efforts to demonstrate its economic return to the Board of Directors, thus making them realize the need to support reputation management. In the last years FedEx pioneered changes in the executive team aimed at management of intangibles.

Document created by Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership quoting from, among other sources, the interventions on the Fedex case in the 15th International Conference in New Orleans on Corporate Reputation, Brand, Identity and Competitiveness, on May 2011.