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Insights estratégicos July 2012

Global Trust in Institutions and Businesses Down, but Trust in Peers and Experts Up

What is the objective of brand valuation? Is it possible to accurately express the value of relations between a brand and the economic impact of its values? How can one relate the indicators that express intangible capital with the generated tangible value? How can a brand contribute to business growth?

Growing importance of intangible assets is directly proportional to the portion of the total market value that can be attributed to them, and indirectly proportional to the weight of tangible assets. This correlation has changed dramatically in only 60 years, with the weight of intangibles increasing from 15-20% to 80-90%, according to some studies.

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence and contains references, among other sources, to the statements made by the President and CEO of Edelman’s Global Practices Alan VanderMolen and Edelman’s CEO for Spain Miguel Ángel Aguirre during the presentation of the Edelman Trust Barometer 2012 in Madrid, on January 26, 2012.