INTERMEDIARIES OF INNOVATION: A CASE STUDY IN INTANGIBLES - Leading by reputation - Corporate Excellence
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Reputation & Reputational Risks

Articles June 2022


Article published by José Antonio Alfaro Tanco and Mónica Recalde Viana, both professors at the University of Navarra. And presented within the framework of the XXXI International Conference of ACEDE. The objective of this article is to explore the factors that influence the evolution of an intermediary specialized in intangibles. And to do this they analyzed a case study based on Corporate Excellence – Center for Reputation Leadership: a foundation
of public interest promoted by the business sector but with a non-profit nature.

Findings reveal two main functions as intermediary of innovation:

  1. access to and acquisition of dispersed knowledge about the management of intangibles on an innovation and ecosystem network.
  2. absorption, implementation in its firms and delivery of new management models and global standards.

Besides, the retrospective study highlighted five relevant factors in the evolution to become an intermediary of innovation: leadership, revenue model, shared interests, open innovation and service culture.

The empirical study sheds light to managers of intermediaries by learning about the facilitators and the barriers to evolve and survive in the current open innovation ecosystem.