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Best practice cases February 2011

La Fageda: A responsible, committed style of leadership

What do leadership and personal responsibility have in common? And what do groundbreaking and positive business models have in common with a trace of madness? The case of the Spanish cooperative milk-products producer La Fageda, has a bit of all four: for nearly 30 years it has employed a group of people with learning difficulties and has opened up an important space in the local market. 

Is it possible to speak of corporative responsibility without mentioning personal responsibility? Of course it is. The sort of leadership, which enables a socially responsible business to exist, is based on a personal and responsible style. Responsible leaders are naturally optimistic, honest, committed, inspirational, holistic, consistent and coherent.

Document prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership with reference to, among other sources, the intervention of Albert Rivera (professor of People Management in the Organizations Department at IESE) during the sessions of the Executive Education Program “Making Social Responsibility Work: The Cornerstone of Sustainable Business” organized by IESE Business School in Barcelona in July 2011.