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Latest Advances in our Reputation Roadmap

Reputation & Reputational Risks

Latest Advances in our Reputation Roadmap

Madrid, December 10, 2013. “Although we still have way to go, this time walking together, many goals have been reached. Many improvements have been made” this was the opening sentence of José Luis González-Besada, Chairman of Corporate Excellence and Communication Director at Iberdrola, at the First Annual Meeting held on December 3rd at Deusto Business School in Madrid. 

More than 60 top-level professionals from the 17 companies that form part of the Foundation participated in the meeting. Each company shared with the assistants the advances made in the last two years, as well as the main challenges to be faced in the future. Most of the speakers pointed out important topics related to managing large companies among all the difficulties they have to deal with: building stronger relationships with key stakeholders, breaking down silos, driving reputation management as a cross area affecting the whole company, etc.

Every assisting company agreed that intangible assets management helps companies to be excellent. Actively listen to stakeholders brings continuous improvements; nowadays it is all about competing for a good reputation, for the recognition by stakeholders. As Josep Santacreu, CEO at DKV, pointed out “this new time needs a new way to do business”. DKV and Banco Popular just joined the Foundation.

Corporate Excellence  - Centre for Reputation Leadership is an open project to any company willing to compete for a good reputation and share best practices. Banco Popular and DKV, as well as all the companies that form part of Corporate Excellence are aware that corporate reputation is the key for the future of organizations, cities or countries. Having a good reputation is a guarantee for value protection and value growth: it protects companies against crisis and generates sustainable growth.

Since the launch of Corporate Excellence in 2011, a complex model where competitor companies share knoledge and expertise has been implemented. Alliances with universities and other organizations have been built; all this to get a better understanding about intangible assets management.

The chosen and implemented model by Corporate Excellence is based on public-private collaboration; In these two years, a strong network of partnerships with universities, business schools and other international and national organizations have been created.