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Insights September 2011

New brand values or brands that are adopting new values?

Brands no longer aspire to satisfy, not even to build customer loyalty, they expect to become an icon of leadership, a place of reference, interaction and meeting. As with a Greek agora, brands have no new values, they take them in and adopt them from their most immediate social surrounding.

But, what are those values, what is their relationship with the reputation of new brands and what are its links with corporate responsibility and sustainability?

Document preapred for Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership quoting, among other sources, the intervention of Cristian Saracco (founding partner and CEO of Allegro 234), Manuel Villa (founding partner of BrandCo), Antonio Espada (Marketing Director of Philips Iberica) and Nuria Villagra (professor in the Complutense University of Madrid) during the seminar “The New Values of Brands” organized by the Corporate Reputation Forum and the Complutense University of Madrid, in Madrid on 29th March 2011.