Spain continues to be one of the countries with the best reputation among G8 consumers - Leading by reputation - Corporate Excellence
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Spain continues to be one of the countries with the best reputation among G8 consumers

Reputation & Reputational Risks

Spain continues to be one of the countries with the best reputation among G8 consumers

Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, together with the Real Instituto Elcano and Reputation Institute, has presented a preview of the results of the 2012 Country RepTrakTM.

The study, conducted at the beginning of the year, places Spain in fifth position when compared to G8 nations (with 63.4 points out of a possible 100), behind only Canada, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. For consumers in G8 nations (Germany, Canada, the USA, France, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and Russia), our country stands in 16th position overall out of the 50 countries surveyed in the study.

The study is one of the first projects undertaken by the Spanish brand observatory (Observatorio de la Marca España) of the Real Instituto Elcano, and its full version will be published by Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership over the coming weeks. The study measures people’s TrustAdmirationRespect and Affinity for the countries analysed (polling 36,000 consumers in G8 countries), as well as their rating of a total of 16 attributes grouped into three main dimensions (Advanced Economy, Appealing Environment and Effective Government).

Compared to the 2011 results, our country’s position remains unchanged in terms of position (16th) and with an almost identical score (63.4), with a minimal drop of 0.4 points, which is insignificant in terms of the study’s statistical effects. Spain’s reputation is slightly higher than France (17th with 61.2 points) and behind the United Kingdom and Ireland (14th and 15th, respectively, with both countries scoring around 65.7 points).

The results confirm the soundness of Spain’s reputation among G8 consumers. For the Spanish study’s authors, Fernando Prado, Javier Noya and Ángel Alloza “there is no doubt that Spain’s reputation is acting as a protective shield against a climate of uncertainty, and this very reputation is granting our country a cushion of credibility even at times of such concern as the present”. According to the authors, “we live in a Reputation Economy, an environment in which consumers’ decisions are increasingly based on intangible values, on the perception they have of both companies and countries. This good or bad reputation is ultimately what conditions a favourable disposition towards a country, through either the purchase of its products, visiting it or investing there. Such attitudes have a direct impact on a country’s economy, either through the arrival of new tourists, with the ensuing increase in revenue, or in the form of better terms of financing on international money markets”.

See the full press release on the study and the presentation of its results.