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Reputation & Reputational Risks

Best practice cases June 2011

Sprint Nextel: The management of the brand for the benefit of reputation and corporate culture

In a merger case, many companies find the continuity of the new company difficult due to the clash between corporate cultures. This is not the case of Sprint Nextel, who has known how to manage its brand by involving stakeholders and turning them into developers.

Relating to its management, Sprint Nextel defines itself as “The Now Network”. Its CEO believes in corporate reputation and he boosts it by using RepTrak as an investigation tool and a key performance indicator. The challenge faced by the Communications Director is trying to convince the rest of directors that reputation management will bring long-term benefits. This means that, at this point, only the DirCom and the CEO firmly believe in the value of reputation, while the rest of the executive team is still somewhat sceptical. The Communications Director believes that the hardest thing is for the directors from the different areas to understand that what happens in each of the departments affects the rest, as they are all interconnected; and this as a whole has an impact on reputation. Therefore, multifunctional committees have not yet been created, as they are still not backed by all of the areas in the company.

Document created by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership quoting from, among other sources, the interventions on the Sprint Nextel case in the 15th International Conference in New Orleans on Corporate Reputation, Brand, Identity and Competitiveness, on May 2011.