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Studies & Reports April 2023

Sustainability and its impact on reputation

Women Action Sustainability (WAS), the association of women corporate leaders whose goal is to make sustainability present in the business agenda leveraging the talents of Women in leadership, and Corporate Excellence - Center for Reputation Leadership, have launched a guide to help companies Communicate the positive effects that sustainability can have on corporate reputation. 

The development of this practical guide comes at a time when many companies do not know how to correctly communicate their sustainability efforts and terms such as greenwashing or greenhousing are common.

The objective of this document is to generate valuable information and establish a strategic communication approach that focuses on reputation linked to sustainability in the corporate sphere.

Thus, WAS and Corporate Excellence have identified five essential characteristics in the communication of sustainability:

  1. Strategic and cross-functional
  2. Transparent and coherent 
  3. 360º vision: Internal/external focus
  4. Clear and didactic
  5. Multiplier and build alliances