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Tales as communication tools


Tales as communication tools

Tales have become a key tool in communication. In the new information ecosystem, where success depends on managing our influence over our stakeholders, associating tales with our brand and letting others tell our story has become key for undertaking effective and believable campaigns.

Led by one of the greatest international experts in the field of storytelling, Antonio Núñez, Director of Y&R Brand Planning, Strategy and Management, the participants in the “Brand & Corporate Storytelling” workshop debated about how tales can be the way of communicating a brand and how different stakeholders can become our brand’s most important ambassadors, placing particular emphasis on the potential of employees in this context.

A tale is a sequence of events that contains conflicts, emotions and provides sensations and plausibility. But a tale largely brings sense into our lives. According to Núñez, tales have many advantages because they provoke neuronal attention, virality; they are mnemotechnical and they involve participation; at the same time they generate community, cohesion, culture and a sense of fun.

Storytelling techniques shake up traditional ways of communication in organisations, awarding stakeholders a star role as narrators of the organisation’s history. Success resides in finding tales that truly represent what the company is about and forge bonds with its key stakeholders.