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Insights December 2011

The functions and location of CSR in the company’s organization chart

Should there be a specifi c function dedicated to managing Corporate Responsibility or is it a transversal function which crosses all areas of a company? Is an internal committee suffi cient, should it be represented on the Executive Board, should it depend on Communications or be included within another Department?

The emergence of CSR as a discipline of increasing importance in business management has brought a result, as had already occurred with other intangible areas such as Communications or Human Resources: the inexcusable debate regarding its functions, situation and profi le of the person responsible for it.

Document prepared by Corporate Excellence with reference to, among other sources, the intervention of Antonio Argandona (Professor of Economics and holder of the ‘la Caixa’ CSR and Corporate Governance chair at IESE), Joan Fontrodona (Associated Professor of Business Ethics at IESE) and Antonio Vaccaro (Associate Professor from the Business Ethics Department at IESE) during the sessions of the Executive Education Program “Making Social Responsibility Work: The Cornerstone of Sustainable Business” organized by IESE Business School in Barcelona in July 2011.