The new Reputation Economy and the recovery of the ‘Spain’ brand. - Leading by reputation - Corporate Excellence
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Insights December 2011

The new Reputation Economy and the recovery of the ‘Spain’ brand.

Spain is a mature country, with a current high risk that it will get through in time but, above all, with an opportunity as a country, an appeal that is presently low. Can reputation become the necessary lever to activate the brand of Spain and overcome the present internal and external loss of confidence in the nation?

We can establish the degree of development of a country as a function of the degree of development of its brands, the stronger these are, the stronger the country brand. In fact, those countries that have strong businesses and personal brands in other countries are mostly those with a stronger country brand abroad.

Document prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership with reference to, among other sources, the intervention of Javier Rovira (partner and Director of Know-How Consumering and Professor at ESIC Business & Marketing School), Angel Alloza (CEO of Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership) and Borja Puig de la Bellacasa (Managing Director of Bassat Ogilvy PR in Spain) during the conference “How to build a country brand” organized by ESIC Business School in Madrid in October 2011.