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Book summaries November 2016

Why “HOW” is more important than “WHAT” in the battle for differentiation

The main idea of the book is that in the era of behavioural economics, it does not matter what a company does, but how it does it. The products or services offered by a corporation are not as important as what is hidding behind: the values of a company.

Dov Seidman identifies the most important elements to improve how companies bheave. He claims companies need to transform their corporate culture taking into account the most relevant "hows":

  1. How we know.
  2.  How we behave.
  3. How we relate.
  4. How we recognise.
  5. How we pursue.

In parallel to those five culture “hows”, it is important to implement the leadership “how”:

  1. Vision
  2. Communication and selection
  3. Ownership and responsibility
  4. Planning and implementation
  5. Succession and continuity

A company able to fit the first “hows” together with the second, or in other words, the principles that guide the global behaviour of employees with the individual behaviour of executives, will ensure that those behaviours are coherent and resonate in the perception of stakeholders and the society as a whole.

Document prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, and among other sources, contains references to the book How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything, written by Dov Seidman, CEO and founder of the US consultancy LRN, and published by John Wiley & Sons in 2007.