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Insights May 2013

A new way of doing advertisement: Branded Content

Are entertainment formats prevailing to traditional advertisement? What is the best way to connect relevant content with messages?

TV producers, advertisement agencies, media agencies, information and entertainment channels, media and especially big advertisement companies are looking for a new way to go beyond fixed formats. Recovering audience attention and interest is a must (and something not easy at all in the middle of a crisis.) Advertisement investment is clearly decreasing; on the other hand, digital content and the power of social networks is rising as never before.

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and contains references, among other sources, to the statements made by Macarena Rey, CEO Shine Iberia, about brand content during the “I Jornadas de Innovación y Comunicación: Arriesgar y Perseverar” organized by the Communications and Brand Innovation Laboratory at the BBVA.