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Insights December 2015

Building a Unique Reality: The Power of Language

Language builds up our reality, establishes how we relate to others and influences our plans and goals.

People want to tell their stories. Same thing happens with brands. In the current context, a brand needs to adapt, compete and be unique and telling stories is a powerful tool to do so, to reach the stakeholders and make them aware of the corporate goals and values so that they can provide the company the licenses to operate.

Thus, business narrative is set up as a tool to inspire organizations and get them move. When business narrative is correctly applied, the social leadership ability of companies is reinforced.

Non-verbal body language also plays a key role in corporate communication. It is not only a matter of words, people communicate in a very powerful way with their body.

There are increasingly more tools to measure how people interact, which show the link between social relationships and productivity. Today, big data and its applications allow companies to access to real metrics to prove these theories right and that they can truly improve corporate management. This insight also explains how Humanyze works, a software designed by professionals to measure interactions between employees and detect which movements are more efficient.


Document prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, and among other sources, contains references to the statements made by Lluís Martínez Ribes, Professor at ESADE and Manuel Martín Loeches, neuroscientist and professor at Madrid's Universidad Complutense, in the event More than Words, organized by Foro de Marcas Renombradas, ESADE Business School and El Jardín de Junio, that took place in Madrid on April 16, 2015