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Insights October 2014

CCO and Its New Role in Organizations: Improve Reputation and Ensure Sustainability

Companies are no longer isolated from the outer world. They depend on the social context and the environment. However, ironically, their culture, identity and internal climate also contribute to business success. Harmonizing these two dimensions, making them coherent and meaningful is a vital task for companies today.

Thus organizations need professionals with profiles and competencies that address both dimensions. By doing this they should meet the expectations of their internal stakeholders, and at the same time, understand and respond to the demands of their external stakeholders. The figure of a Chief Communications Officer (CCO) is a mediator between the two worlds, and its task is to link and align the internal world with the external world of the organizations.

This document was prepared by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, and among other sources contains references to José Luis González-Besada, President of Corporate Excellence and Communications Director at Iberdrola; Fernando Prado, General Director of Reputation Institute for Spain and Latin America; Cees B.M. van Riel, Global Vice President of Reputation Institute and Professor of Corporate Communication at Rotterdam School of Management - Erasmus University; Anthony Johndrow, General Director for Reputation Institute North America; and Reymundo Ocañas, CSR and Reputation Director at BBVA Compass USA, made during the 17th International Conference on Corporate Reputation, Identity and Brand Competitiveness: A Reputation Journey, organized by Reputation Institute in Barcelona on June 5-7, 2013.