Reputation adds value to communication and proves its direct contribution to business outcomes (2015) - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Book summaries August 2015

Reputation adds value to communication and proves its direct contribution to business outcomes (2015)

The role of the CCO is shifting and getting more strategic responsibility in corporate communication of intangible assets, such as reputation. But which strategies are the best to be successful on the long term?

Ivy Ledbetter Lee, considered to be the founder of public relations in the USA, said that every company has to “do it right and tell about it”, a sentence that sums up the importance of taking care of perceptions, from management to communication.

It is also important to try to raise the communication discourse and include it in the agenda of the senior management as it is the highest level of decisionmaking, where the most important and strategic decisions are taken and issues as the long term, legitimation and sustainability are considered. That is why the top executive (chairman, managing director or chief executive) and the CCO need to share a common vision about communication.

Regarding this discussion, professors and researchers Pilar Buil and Pablo Medina, from the University of Navarra have published Dircom, comunicar para transfomar, which in English would be “CCO, Communicate to Transform”. The book analyzes the situation and offers a communication foresight based on interviews with CCOs from some of the biggest Spanish companies.

This document was developed by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and among other sources contains references to the book Dircom: Comunicar para transformar written by Pilar Buil Gazol and Pablo Medina Aguerrebere, doctors in Communication Sciences of University of Navarra and researchers of Corporate Communication and based on interviews to CCOS at Banco Santander, Repsol, Gas Natural Fenosa, Acciona, Inditex, CaixaBank, Mercadona, Telefonica, Mutua Madrileña and University of Navarra, published in Spanish by Pirámide in 2015.