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Insights May 2015

Top Managers’ Engagement as the Key Factor of Corporate Brand’s Success

Are top managers aware of the importance of corporate branding? Who is responsible for managing the Master Brand in organizations? To what extent does the corporate brand facilitate international expansion?

Branding as a professional area has gained importance in the last few years in Spain, but there is still a long way to go: many participants of the business community still confuse brand with its visual representation (84 %), most of the companies still don’t have a team dedicated to brand management (54.3 %), corporate culture is not sufficiently promoted/shared internally (39 %), key vendors are predominantly designers (71 %) and engagement of the top management is insufficient (29 %).

This document was developed by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and among other sources, contains references to the statements of Oriol Iglesias, Director of ESADE Brand Institute; Conrad Llorens, CEO of SUMMA Branding; Almudena Clemente, Director for Strategy at The Brand Union; Víctor Mirabet, CEO of Coleman-CBX; Pablo Vidal, Director of Telefónica’s Global Brand and Marketing; and Isabel García Sánchez-Valiente, Director for Brand and Corporate Research at Santander Bank, made during the presentation of The State of Branding in Spain 2014 report, organized jointly by AEBRAND (Spain’s Association of Branding Companies) and ESADE Business School in Madrid, in 2014.