Insights & Trends. Communication that Adds Value in the Process of Business Expansion - Liderando la reputación corporativa de las empresas - Corporate
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Insights June 2015

Insights & Trends. Communication that Adds Value in the Process of Business Expansion

Communication has become the driver of organizational changes: it opens access to new markets and areas. In the current context, value is added by using the criteria of ethics and responsibility in corporate communication – it is an indispensable tool for a company willing to expand into international markets and strengthen its position there. Another fundamental factor is coherence of corporate actions: they should be aligned and based on the company’s vision, mission and values. 

Expanding implies multiplying the process of organizational management: building relations with numerous stakeholders, working with a larger number of employees in different work areas, numerous facilities, etc. This process translates into opportunities, recognition and benefits, but at the same time is associated with managerial and reputational risks. In this process, new opportunities emerge for communications managers, which they may use to demonstrate the potential of communication and the value that may be added by their function. 

This document was developed by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and among other sources contains references to the statements made by Dircom’s CEO Sebastián Cebrián, Gestamp’s Director of Corporate Communications and Institutional Affairs Miguel López-Quesada and Iberdrola’s Director for Internal Communication Esther Castaño during the workshop The Value of Communication in the Process of International Expansion: from Local to Global Brands.