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Reputation and Intangible Trends. Approaching The Future is an annual report developed by Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership in collaboration with CANVAS Estrategias Sostenibles, and Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management as worldwide partner. 

Throughout its sixth editions, the report analyses the biggest trends defining the present and future of intangible asset management, with particular focus on reputation, brand, sustainability, ethics, and transparency. 

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Approaching the Future 2022: Trends in Reputation and Intangible Asset Management

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ATF 2022

Latest trends of the present and future business


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Previous trends in reputation and intangible management


ATF 2020

Business trends after the Covid-19 crisis


ATF 2019

Check the trends that marked business management in 2019


ATF 2018

All the keys that define the reputation, communication and brand since 2018


ATF 2017

Report that defined the present and future of intangibles in 2017


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